Saturday, January 14, 2012

Back to the Arctic

I'mmmmmmmmmmm back!

This is a photo out of my plane window before take off from was about 70 degrees and sooo pretty!!!

And this was my awesome seat on the return flight...woo hoo empty seat between me and my seat partner...awesome room to stretch out....when I got back to Pgh it was 16 degrees and snowing....ICKY!!!!

This is my Saturday morning of the elliptical...

And they gave me this after my workout at the a free Red Bull....

Never noticed this until today but the pull tab on a Reb Bull has a bull cut out of it....soooooooooooooooo cute!

And this is the second part of my workout...little walk/jog on the treadmill....

Here one of my three loves of my life....

Will the day ever come that a nice, sweet, funny, attentive, caring guy comes around....why is that too much to ask for?!??!? Just once, I would love to be taken of by someone for a change!

I emalied Markie and it was clarified by no response that there is NOTHING there...I was fooling myself and my ego thinking he would email or call right away professing his feelings, but, that did not happen - HA!

Most of the time I enjoy being responsible, self-sufficient and on my own but WOW - then there are days that I just wish there was someone special that cared about me...hopefully....someday my prince will come...until then I will kep working on me.

Happy weekend all!


  1. Brrr cold! I bet that was a shock to the system! Great for you to be home to your kitties :)

  2. It's rough going from warm to cold! I would so love to get out of Pittsburgh right now. Way too cold for me!


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