Thursday, April 15, 2010

Annnnnnnnd nothing...

I soooo have nothing to blog about..

I am stuck at work and it is sooooooo beautiful 84 degrees here in Pittsburgh, PA!!!

Tonight is date night so we will be walking the path (Waliacha and I) and then sitting on the porch and chillin'.

Sounds like fun to me!!!! Yeah!

Anyway - I will leave you with my favorite picture (as of lately) of my twin niece and nephew. When my sister was pregnant, everyone twin that approached her said "whatever you do, do NOT dress them alike!!!" Anyway, she never has and instead we switch their clothes for fun (well, I did) and I love this picture of Ryan and Alyssa!!!!! As if this is better than being dressed alike - LOL HA!

Happy Thursday All Y'all!!!!!

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