Workin' The Boardwalk

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It is Wishful Wednesday!!!!
And it is a great topic - I read it and just had to participate!!
Wishful Wednesday...
If I could go back to a job from my
youth it would be
Working At Miele's Pizza
on the boardwalk in Ocean City, MD.

I remember my first jobs - there were many throughout the years I was in High School and College. My parents said "If you live under our roof; you work. Of course, we got to use this money to put gas in their cars when we borrowed them or buy clothes that we really wanted and it taught us the value of a dollar - this is something I am very grateful for (I belive that this is what gave me my foundation of a good work ethic)!

My very first job was McDonalds and I got fired as my drive-thru drawer was $20 short at the end of my shift (my manager was only supposed to count it with us there and she did not wait for me - also she really hated me and I am not sure why - so TECHNICALLY: I still to this day say she took the $20 out)...oh well, that was the only time I was fired (25 years ago) so it is a pretty good track record :-) LOL!!! After that was employment at every fast food place created, Po Folks, Kings Family Restaurant, Bartender at the Eagles club, cashier at Uni-Mart, etc. etc. LOL!!!!

But the only one I WISH I COULD GO BACK TO WOULD BE Miele's Pizza on the boardwalk! It was soooooooooooooooo fun!!!!!!!! It was after my first year of college and I went down with some other kids I went to Cal U with. We lived on the boardwalk in a decrepid, "should have been condemned" beach house and had sooooooooooooooo much fun!!!! At the time life seemed very stressful....I saved absolutely no money from that summer, and my parents were sooo angry as they did not want me to go in the first place! But what fun......laying on the beach all day and hanging out with the lifeguards as friends and then going to work serving and making pizza at night!!!! It is a time I will always remember fondly (lots of crazy parties and crazy people) and also a time that made me realize the importance of a college education in life to get ahead!!!!! Soooooo everything happens for a reason!
(PS - The house we lived in was condemned the next summer and Danny Miele has since retired and sold his space on the boardwalk :0 )



  1. That does look and sound fun! My high school college jobs were not nearly as fun! You've run the gammit of jobs haven't you? That is a good thing!

  2. What a fun job working on the boardwalk! Oh to be carefree again! :)

  3. It's so fun to think back isn't it!!!! I cannot believe you got fired the first time for money missing, kinda sad!


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