Thursday, April 29, 2010

ABC's of Annster

I saw this on another blog and just had to use it for a post! Thanks Kenz!!
The ABC's of Ann...

A) Are you a PC or a Mac? PC - I used a Mac years ago but after using a PC for 15+ years now I have no idea how to work on a Mac!

B) Best show currently on TV: Biggest Loser!!!!! Season after season; it just never gets old!

C) Chore you dislike: ironing dress shirts - I will NOT do it - Walt does his own or they go to the cleaners with mine!!!

D) Dogs or Cats? Cats, cats and more cats!!! Funniest thing: I have cats and love cats and just found out the I am; to quote the doctor "highly allergic to cats"!! Oh well, I'll suffer!!!!

E) Essential "Start the day" items: Coffee!!! Black please and quick!

F) Favorite Color: purple or sometimes yellow

G) Gold or Silver: silver

H) Height: 5'7"

I) Instrument you play: clarniet (played in middle school and quit because I was TERRIBLE)

J) Job: Six Sigma Analyst

K) Kids? My kittens are my children (for now...)

L) Living where? Pittsburgh, PA (home of many champions...not just our sports teams!) LOL

M) Mom's name: Janet

N) Nickname: Annster

O) Appendix removal!!!

P) Pet Peeve: Dirty mirrors

Q) Quote from a movie: I do not have a memory long enough to give you a quote....sorry....

R) Righty or Lefty? Righty

S) Siblings: Yes; 3

T) TV shows you watch: Survivor, Biggest Loser, Lost, Amazing Race

U) Underwear: everyday

V) Veggies you like: any and all - never met one I do not like to eat! Favorite would be brussel sprouts

W) Ways you flirt: Plain old every time - I got Waliacha didn't I?!?!??

X) Expiration Dates - toss (now my mother on the other hand is a smeller; if it smells ok then eat it; NOT ME!!!!)

Y) Yummy foods you make: Angelfood cake with pineapple and chicken crescent squares

Z) Zoo animal you like: snow leopard or any of the large cats!!!!! JUST LOVE WATCHING THEM!!!! God is amazing !!!!!!!!!

Enjoy - play along!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. What a cool idea! You are a what? Six whatta!?

  2. How fun!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog -- I now am caught up on little facts about you!

  3. Ick black coffee! Life's too short to drink it black!


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