Till we meet again...

I suck suck suck at goodbyes!!

Today was the last day of work for my ONE AND ONLY close work friend!

I am soooooooo sad!!!

It is really strange but as I have gotten older I do really mix work and play alot.

I tend to have a ton of friends (from meetings, etc) that I hang out with alot and talk to alot and then my work friends which are really just acquaintances.

I have gotten really close with a girl that I work with and we go out at lunch, hang out and chat sometimes after work. She is a really great person and ALL ABOUT helping others which I love about her!!!!!!!

Well, she and her fiance have decided to move back to Seattle to settle down and raise a family! I am sooo happy for her but sooooo sad for me~~~

She is a once in a lifetime friend and I just need to remind myself that there is always the phone and email even if I dont see her everyday!

Mariela you will be missed - thanks for being such an amazing, funny, helpful, giving friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You really are ONE OF A KIND and I miss you already!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love ya bunches - safe travels!!!!!


  1. I am sorry that your friend is moving away. I totally know how this is. My only work friend was let go last fall it was so sad because she was the only female co-worker I had.

  2. One of my only friends that I really liked at work just quit too. It really sucks.

  3. Sorry to hear your friend is moving. It does suck when a really good or best friend moves away. My best friend moved away but she is only an hour away. I talk to her everyday but I can't see her everyday like I used too. SUCKS! Hope you will have a better day today! HAVE A BLESS DAY!!! :)

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  4. THat is sad. It is hard to find a work friend, so losing them is hard! I hope you are doing okay this next week.

  5. I can relate, there were five of us in our group and slowly some of us have quit, gotten new jobs or moved away. It's so sad. Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)


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