Happy Monday!!!!

Happy Monday all!!!!

What a fast weekend!!!! It just flew by (although they all do really - HA)!

After being a hold out for many years, I finally caved on Saturday and we had real cable installed at the condo!!!! I just think it is such a waste to have all those hundreds of channels when you can only watch one at a time and also, to be honest, I am pretty cheap! My cable bill will now cost more a month than does my cellular, gas, electric, or car insurance...something is wrong there?!?!

Oh well, now I can watch Food Network and TLC...yeah!!!!!!!

Also, this weekend I was kinda bad. I had a service committment on Sunday morning (Officers and Coordinators Mtg) and just did not feel like going (we have like twelve of these a year).
I sent an email to a member to let them know that I would not be there but I feel soooooo guilty. Oh well, I sooooo needed a break from the politics and bickering. And, Lord knows, I am not important enough that my absence had an effect on the mtg...I hope !!! Also, I keep reminding myself that I did not make up a big lie to not go - I just said I would not be there - and to me, that is progress (no imaginary deaths, fights, crises, etc.)
Let's all have a great week!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Sometimes we all need a break from service committments, don't we? Don't feel bad, feel refreshed! Oh, and I am jealous of the cable. We don't have it.


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