Top 2 Tuesday

Okay - I am excited to participate!!!

This is the Top 2 Tuesday...
list your two favorite things under $15
this changes weekly for me but here are the current ones...

1. I found this treat at Big is Weight Watchers is sooooooooo yummy...only 1 point for FIVE CUPS.....little break from regular plain popcorn...I promise it is retails for around $2.50 for three microwave packets however I found mine at Big Lots for $1.30 and bought a BUNCH!!!!!!!!! Try it!!

2. And this new favorite...not sure if people reading this follow my blog but I had a hair mishap a few weeks back and all of mine was chopped off.......really short now.....and this Biotin supposedly supports faster hair and nail growth!! Yeah!!! It was recommended to my by the hairstylist that fixed the cropped cut and not the one who actually cropped it!!!!!!!!!! Not sure if it is working or not but I am praying it does!!!! LOL!!! It was only around $12.oo

Hapy Tuesday all!!!!!!!! Thanks for letting me play!!!!!!


  1. LOVE your picks! I am going to have to check out the Biotin!

  2. great picks! I have got to get that biotin everyone has been raving about it!

  3. Definitely gonna check out the Biotin! My hair grows sooo slow it isn't even funny. I only need to get it cut twice a year and it is just a trim.


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