Early Friday

Happy Thursday yinz!!!

This is my Friday and I could not be having a better day!!

I am meeting up with some new friends and some old friends tonight to hang out at a place that means a lot to me.  I used to go there all the time in early recovery and then they closed the meeting. Well, now a new meeting in starting there and I could not be more excited!!!

 Also, my second first date last night was wonderful. Hard to explain but he and I had dated before and lets just say the timing was off.  We went to a relaxed dinner at TGIFriday's and the night just flew by! I cannot wait to spend time with him again!!!! Here's hoping this time ends happier!!

And, as I said, today is my Friday!!!! I took a vacation day tomorrow to go to a Conference out of state in West Virginia with a close friend of mine! I will have lots of pics from our weekend fun for sure!!! And updates to the blog through out the weekend I promise!!!

Happy early Friday!!! Let me know what your exciting plans are this weekend? Or are you just chilling?!?!?

Thanks for reading!


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