Pittsburgh Rules!

I REALLY love my city! It is so pretty and there is so much to do here! i Love Pittsburgh!

 I had an early date night last night this week (We normally make date night on Wednesday) since my sweetie got tickets to the Pittsburgh Pirates Game (baseball). Here is my ticket...we had pretty awesome seats and it was a pretty awesome game (even though in the end we lost - great game though!!!) Any Milwaukee bloggers out there?? You guys won last night!!!!! CONGRATS

This is a view of my beautiful city from PNC Park. It is from my cell phone so it is pretty crappy picture quality. Just one of our many bridges!

Another view from PNC Park. The building with the big blue stick on top (HA HA) is the Highmark Building and the one to the right of that with the four light on top is the glass building of PPG. Beautiful buildings!!! Again, sorry for the crappy quality picture.

This is the pierogi race. They do this every home game. YUMMO. Chester Cheese won last night.

 This is a selfie of me and my sweetie! Love this guy lots!

Never ceases to make me smile!

And, yes, I have officially agreed that it is fall and have switched over to my favorite fall handbag! Makes me sad but with this lovely rainy and chilly weather; it is hard to deny it! Fall is here in Pittsburgh!

Hope you all have an awesome hump day! I get another date night tonight and we are going on a river cruise. I promise to take my real camera so I can actually get some nice and clear pictures of my beautiful city - HA HA!


  1. Looks like you had a great evening. I sooo want to visit that city someday! It's on my list!

  2. Sounds like a great time! I've been to Philadelphia before but haven't yet made it to Pittsburgh.


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