New Family Room

Sorry for the absence!!!

I know it was an extended one too!

I promise to get better at blogging again - I really do!!

You guys keep me accountable for my exercise and eating so much better than I do on my own.

I am back to work after a long vacation to the beach which I will post about tomorrow.


Today I must show you my new family room furniture that was delivered this week!!! I am in heaven!!!! I love it!!!!

The couch is a queen sleeper and the chairs are soooooooo cat scratches either!!  I actually went today to petco to get that tape that you put on to stop them from scratching...they have not yet but definitely want to be proactive!!! HA

I will keep you posted!!!

Beach post tomorrow!!

PS - Are any of my bloggy friends as obsessed with Big Brother as I am!??! I LOVE IT THIS YEAR! Especially obsessed with Amanda and her pizza boy!!! AWESOME~~~

Big shout out to Levin and Mike my salesman for helping me pick my furniture!


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