My New Running Bestie

So this is my new running bestie!!! It is funny because lately I have seen multiple posts about people being afraid while they are running.  My sister that lives in Camp Hill, PA was actually followed by a creepy van a few weeks ago which is what spurred me to purchase this baby and its brother for her. My aunt mentioned that I should not run alone on the trail by my house also. It never occurred to me to be afraid until she said that and now I am totally paranoid so I make sure to clip this on and then run.


  1. I live in a really small town and never even think about my safety when I go running... at least, not worried about people! I'm more likely to worry about untied dogs or other wildlife! lol I hope you never have to use it!!

  2. I have been thinking about this too but I wonder if I'd end up spraying myself!

  3. I've thought about getting some for dogs. I mostly only run in my secluded little neighborhood and feel like I could run up to anyone's house and I know half the people that live out here. But I'm always afraid a dog is going to bite me!


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