Friday Fit Summary

JOIN IN!?!?!?!  I was doing amazing in dropping the weight for a while and I have just sort of slid into maintenance mode. I decided last weekend that it is time to start dropping again!!!!  So, I go serious with my food tracking and wearing my Bodymedia to monitor my workouts, sleep, etc.  So now, every Friday will be my summarize the week day...anyone care to join?? 
If so, just add your link to my comments! I cant wait to see yours!!!! Little competition never hurt anyone, right?!!??

So here goes...

I use a body media monitor and here is my week...

That's my summary of eating, workouts, and lack of sleep!!! HA HA!
Hopefully the pounds will start dropping off like crazy now that I am tracking everything again!
I am sooooo excited to watch the weight drop again!
Hope you all have an amazing weekend!!! I know I plan to!


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