Workout Weekend

Happy Sunday all!
I had a very productive day and hope everyone else did as well...
Here is my workout update fr0m Saturday and Sunday...
I took Friday off from working out and went out to dinner with my friend Sherry at Mitchell's Fish Market. It was awesome - always awesome conversation plus awesome food! We got Chilean Sea Bass and it was amazing!!!!

Here is the Saturday part 1 of my elliptical workout...the machine restarted part way through :-(

This is my 30 minutes on the treadmill on Saturday...

And this is the second half of my time onm the elliptical Saturday...

This is my elliptical workout from Sunday...then I went and did 30 minutes of weights...

And finally 30 minutes n the treadmill Sunday...

I actually put out my Valentine decorations (even though I HATE Vaneltines Day - especially this year!!!)

I will post pics of my Valentines Decor later in the week....enjoy the final hours of your weekends!!!


  1. hot mama burning all those calories, watch out!!

  2. Great job - great workouts! Ugh I hate when the machine resets.

    I did 30 minutes of weights on Saturday, and yesterday ran 10 miles. Sadly, I have a very sore foot today, so I might not be able to run :-(


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