Someone noticed!!

I absolutely love the motivation I feel when I am working really hard and working out and someone comes up to me and says "you look like you are losing weight"...

This just happened to me in the hall at work and I am on cloud nine!!! It is sooo nice to know that there is a difference already...look out gym, here I come!!!!!!!

This is yesterdays workout...

30 minutes on elliptical...

This was the first...I did 60 minute spin class...It was awesome!!!!!!

Then I did this last... (this was the last exercise so I was DRAGGING to finish - literally!!!)

How are your workouts going? I am particpiating in this workout thingy with Blessed Mama and it is really helping me stay on track!! It is sooo easy to use and I have yet to find any food that is not in their database (seriously!!!)

I am using it to log all my food and water plus exercise...sooo glad Blesssed Mama showed this site to me...if you would like to join in we would love to have you...sign up (it's free and easy) and be my fitness friend - my name is annsterw...see ya there!!!!!!!!!!!


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