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Thanks to all of you who have expressed your well wishes, support and prayers for me...Lord knows with a start like this to 2012 I need them! HA!!!!

it's all good...things will go the way they are supposed to....

This will be an exciting look into what is happening in my life recently....

This bag has been left out after Christmas as it will now be making it's way to my older sisters house. She has a large house and is looking for artifical trees to put a few more up next year. I, one the other hand, am done with artfical trees! Next year I am back to getting a real tree - they are soooo mcuh prettier and sturdier (it has to hold up to three cats climbing through it)!! HA!

This is what I have been surviving on for the last five days...I got home after New Years and was really sick...I went to the doctors and found out it was bronchitis!! ICK!!!! so i am on antibiotics, steroids, couch pearls, robitussin, and of course BAYER aspirin (coughing headache)!!! Finally after five days of meds, starting to feel human again!

Made this adorable ornament with paw prints for myself! Got each baby (Kidrock, Angelica, and Josie) to stamp it with their paw...cant wait to use it next year on the REAL tree!!!!

Check out my awesome flag!!!! I took down all the Christmas lights and decorations and it was too blahhhhh and sad around here! Then I remembered this flag I got at the end of the season LAST year at Kirklands....it was like a dollar - how cute is that?!??!?!? A little pop of color on the patio - YEAH!!!!

And finally, this is the wiew from my back window everyday - all day!!!! I have a film on the door so that people cannot see in my patio door...they only see a reflection (best thing I ever did for privacy by the way!!!!!) this is a great benefit for the cats as they sit there and hang out all day with birds within 2 inches of their faces....tails wagging like crazy....they love it!!!! Keeps them occupied for hours!!!!! See, the pretty bluejay to the right on the ground? Needless to say, I keep my feeder full all winter!

I hope you all have a great Tursday! Thanks again for all the support and bloggy love!! You all keep me going just by showing that you care....time will tell but I promise to keep you posted!

Exciting posts coming up soon - training classes somewhere VERY exciting!!


  1. hugs and wow that's a lot of meds feel better soon

  2. feel better real soon!

  3. Oh man I hope my head cold doesn't travel to my chest! I hope you are feeling better today!


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