Heaven on Earth...Valley of the Sun

WOW! I have arrived! I am in Tempe, AZ at a training class all week for work - it is amazing here!

If you are thinking of robbing me, please don't...I have a cat sitter and you will scare the crap out of her - HA!

Here is my room at the Tempe Mission Palms - this is a beautiful room and hotel!

This is the view right out of my window...beautiful!!!!

This is a view of the pool and to the right is the gym...I plan on going there.....look at that BLUE sky!!!

The workout room again...

A cactus decorating the pool area...

These trees are all throughout the courtyard here at the hotel...I am going to ask tomorrow what they are...look like oranges but a little different skins....soo pretty though!

The next pics are looking down at the town as I begin to climb up the little "mountain" outside of my hotel window... the path is called the Hayden Butte Preserve....it is pretty cool!!

A view of the yellow A that you could in my hotel window view...this is right under the A on the path up...

A cacti on the way up - we don't have these in PA, HA!

The view at the top....across that river is Phoenix I think...

And another...at the top!

The Arizona stadium...

The best view if the top!!!!!!!!!!

And, heading down.......

Then I went exploring the town a little...this shop cracked me up....called the Happy, Healthy, Horny Herb shoppe...:-)

This was lunch....note the table....

Had an amazing shredded chicken salad at this place...Fuzzy's Taco Shop...I have to say that there are a lot of very different and eclectic shops and people here in Tempe...lots of what I consider kids (young teens) handing out looking kinda dirty and talking about being homeless....

A pic of my salad...I was starving so I forgot to photograph until I was almost done...HA! It was awesome though!

A picture on the outdoor roof on my way to worko9ut tonight...

Dark pool photo...might check this out tomorrow night...

The hottub...definitely trying this tomorrow....:-)

My workout...this is my first workout since the bronchitis...felt soooooooo good....but, also took it easy a little...I was the only one in the gym!!

And the second part of the workout...another 15 on the eliptical...still all alone in the gym...

Nighty night all! Depending on how the training goes, I will post if I get to do anymore exploring, etc...

So far, I love Arizona!!!!!!!


  1. So is it hot there? I know a lot of times it's in the 90's already this time of year.

  2. Your photos make me want to go out West! Hope training goes well ... and that you get to go swimming soon!

  3. Saw you blog, and we are so happy you are enjoying your stay! Let us know if you need anything!
    Alison Brooks, Social Media Coordinator
    Tempe Mission Palms

  4. Glad you saw my post...truly LOVE it here!!!!


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