Great start to 2012

WOW! I have been a horrible blogger lately!!

I promise to step it up!!!

On the weight loss front, after starting to really watch two weeks ago, I have lost 7 lbs so far!!

YIPPEE- it was time to get serious and I got serious!!

Also, spent New Years eve with a great old was really unexpected but actually a really nice time! WARNING: long post!

Markie and I have known each other for MANY years!

We met about 12 years ago when I was working at USBank ATM division and he was one of the techs responsible for filling the ATM's with money in Oklahoma. After the techs put the money in they called us to reboot the ATM machines. He would call multiple times, daily and we just established a great friendship and connection even though he was in OK and I was in PA.

After a few years, he found other emploment and we kept in touch via email and phone calls.

A few years later he was moved for a short time for his work to a location in PA that was about 3 hours from where I live so we decided to get together in was a great weekend that I will never forget. We toured battlefields and walked and talked and really connected! I believe to this day that we are soul mates. We feel the same way about sooo many things!

Unfortunately, he was then sent back to the south to work and we continued to stay really good friends at a distance. He flew up to PA to visit a few times and even came with me to spend Christmas at my parents house that year but there was one thing we are completely opposite in and it felt like a really big obstacle at the time (not to mention the distance). I knew in my heart that we were not moving forward as he became more and more distant and I needed to move forward with my life.

About this time I started dating Waliacha and then after a year of dating he moved in with me. After Waliacha moved in, I got an email from Markie saying that his job was bringing him to PA again...only this time for an indefinite period...WOW! What a dilemma! I have always felt such a connection to Markie however, we do have a few differences that are pretty big things to work through (nothing is impossible but I wont go into detail about this on the blog) and Waliacha and I really seemed to be on track to building a future.

Without going into massive details, I still kept in touch with Markie on a friendship level only by email (with a little purposeful distance-as I know how I fell when I get around Markie).

As my blog readers know, this past September I finally made the decision to end things with Waliacha...too many chances and too many broken promises basically sums it all up.

So, I get an email in November that Markie wanted to get together sometime over the holiday in person to catch up. WOW!!! And the rest is history!

I have NO DOUBT that we are soul mates! We are soooo alike in so many aspects (organized, structured, morals, both work really hard to have good credit and help others, etc.) and there are only a few things that need to be worked through over time...I am game if he is. We had an amazing New years eve day exploring Punxatawney (yes, the home of Punxatawney Phil) and he took me to see his job sites, etc. We talked, and talked and talked and it was like we were never apart! You all also know that I don't drink and he completely supports me in this....imagine he wanted to spend New years eve with someone that did not drink! We have a great time and it was really hard to leave! Waiting to see when we will get together next...

Time will far.......2012 is looking pretty amazing!

PS-thanks for sticking with me through that LONG post and thanks for all your support all year round - you know I will keep you posted!



  1. Well that's got to suck now :( Maybe you can work things out??


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