Day Two - Training Begins - Monday

My day started with an awesome buffet breakfast in the courtyard at my had everything you could possibly imagine on it to eat..I did my best to watch (ate fruit and and an egg white omelet).

After that, training class went all day from 8AM to 5PM...

After that, I went on a little tour to a new area of Tempe toward the campus of Arizona...I did not take pics there as I did not want to look like a tourist - HA! But wow!!! They have an awesome campus and the dorms are pretty nice too!

Then I saw this temple...cute hugh????

And then this...little seats and steps with built-in was pretty cool....

This is the town on my way back to the all looks sooooo pretty lit up at night!!!

And this is the same hike up the Butte that I went on yesterday only this time I did it at once I reached the top - this is what it looked like - PRETTY AMAZING IN PERSON!!! God is good!!!

And another....

And one cannot do it justice!

And here is part of my workout...I also did one hour on the eliptical since I ate soooo much at the buffets today!!! HA!!!

I have to say....I really miss my fur babies..... :-(

I hope you all had an amazing Monday!


  1. What a beautiful view!

    WTG being good at the buffet and working out!


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