Day Three - Tuesday - Hike with the Class

Today we all went for a hike after was sooo fun!!! This is my instructor and my fellow classmates... (Left to right...Dan, Reza, Jeff, Michael, Richard, Andrew, and missing is me and another Jeff that had to study his work stuff)...

This is where we went hiking...I think the whole hike was from around 4:30 to 6PM and it was soooooo awesome...we did not, however, see any snakes or scorpions :-( I really want to see a live scorpion!!!

The rest are just cellphone pcitures from the hike so they do not do the experience was so beautiful and amazing and fun bonding with my classmates!

We were told that each arm on these takes 50 years to grow so this is a very OLD cactus!!!

We don't have these in Pittsburgh!! HA!

Sooooo awesome and pretty!!! Thanks for the tour Reza!!!!!!!!


  1. Are you the only girl there? Looks like a nice hike! Love the sunset pics :)


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