Day Four - Wednesday - Class and Customer Service

I love Arizona! I have spent a lot of time this week learning in a classroom even though it may not look like it by my previous posts...HA!!

Here is a little snapshot into my classroom all is the room...

And here is my instructor inside...

And some of my fellow classmates posing during catapult fun....

And here is where I went right after class today...ahhhhh!

This place is called Nails for Males in Tempe, Arizona (located above Pink Salon). They are located right near the ASU campus and they are amazing!!!! It is a local, small business and they go out of their way to make it a great exterience!!!

Here is a view from my chair....My pink and whites were done by Ty and I was taken home by Q....seriously - you heard me right!!!

Another view from my chair...

Here are my nails....awesome, hugh>>>>>? I was stuck there when I was done as the hotel courtesy van was accidently unavailable due to an emergency...I was just going to walk ( over three miles) when Ty insisted that Q drive my back to my hotel with Ty's car....WOW!!! Seriously, these guys do great work, gives great foot massages and pedicures and then go completely out of their way for me.....AWESOME!!!!

If you are EVER in the area, you HAVE to go here!!! Amazing place!!!!!!!! Thanks guys - you will definitely see me again in Feb when I return to AZ!!!

And here is part one of my workout...

And part two....elliptical extravaganza!!!! WEIGHT and FAT BE GONE!!!!!!!!!

Here is my view of the TV in the exercise room...

And the outside view on my way back to my room....

And another....cannot tell from these pics but it is a beautiful night!!!

I do miss my babies soooooooooo much.......getting ready to go it here but really miss my babies!!!!!

Happy Hump Day all!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Wow that was super nice of them to take you back to your hotel!


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