Zoo Visit!

Walicaha and I visited the zoo on Saturday - we brought along with us Theo (the son of a good friend of ours). He was sooo polite and well behaved and we all had soooo much fun!!!
The photos are self explanitory I think....and the pics came out great.
All the animals were out and about as it was a beautiful day -
the adult male human is Waliacha and the child male human is Theo -
the rest of the animals you should know.


  1. What great pictures. I haven't been to the zoo (outside my home) in over 12 years. It is way cooler than the one here in Arizona.
    What part of PA do you live in? I was born in Bellefonte.
    Thank you for visiting my blog I hope you will come back often.
    Hugs, Bobbi Jo


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