Friday, August 5, 2016

Stone Harbor Trip 2-Day 1

Hi everyone! I am so happy to let you know that I am officially on vacation at the beach! I drove late last night to get here and this was the scene when I arrived at 3 AM in Stone Harbor, New Jersey.  My family has been coming here since we were little kids… This is by far my favorite place on the planet! 

 This is the first daylight picture! I took this when I got up around 8 AM .  Ahhhh...

  My brother and his family will be up tomorrow. Today on the beach it was just me. I took my chair down and my towel to lay on my stomach. I have my own little area set up for about two hours and then this family came along. Someone almost put their chair on my leg… Way too close for comfort!
 This was my lunch! I have shrimp at the beach?
 And this was also my lunch… It was peppers and mushrooms sautéed overheat. It was so good! I even have leftovers for tomorrow's lunch! 
  I spent a lot of today reflecting on this quote… I really and truly I am so blessed today. I have A family like no other!
  Then I reflected on this… This is nuns beach. There's an order of nuns that actually live here on the beach. I'm thinking I may need to become one. What would I be missing maybe it's time… LOL! 
  I went for a little run later in the afternoon. It was a walk jog run through the streets, through a few paths and on the beach. This is a little path you can run through in a wildlife preserve. Very awesome! 
  And this is a beach at the very end of Stone Harbor.   A lot of this area is blocked off now to keep it protected. When we were little we used to be able to go collect shells here. You could  find really amazing shells after high tide back then and sharks teeth too… Not so much anymore. I looked forever and didn't find one sharks tooth tonight 

Here is the beach beautiful!

 Another shot...

And another... Can you tell I love the beach?

  I ran into this little baby along the path… 

And then about 6 feet from him what his mom or dad…not sure which this is...ha!

Here is the big bad shell collection I found tonight…

I saw these flowers planted together at two different houses. Don't they look awesome? I will be doing this at my house when I buy it next year… LOL! I hope you enjoyed my little run recap as much as I enjoyed it.
 Anyone else live for the beach?     Anyone still have vacation left? If so where you going? I would love to hear from you!     I hope y'all had a great Monday!                                           

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