Tuesday, August 16, 2016

SH Vacation 1

Hi everyone!!! I hope everyone is having an amazing summer!!!! I have been and now it is time to get caught up! But, first, thank you all for your blog posts while I vacationed - LOL! I was too lazy to blog on vacation so I read everyone else's while I hung out in the sand and surf. It seems like you all had a wonderful summer too - and are just simply not as lazy as me! HA

Well, here goes catch up from Beach vacation #1. As we do every year I went down to Stone Harbor, NJ with my family! I love it there - it is definitely our GO TO vacation spot!!!.

Here is the view from the condo!!! Nothing short of glorious!

Little beach view...does not hurt having a lifeguard doing his push ups in the picture either!

Here is just some our our crew...My Mom and Dad, sister and nephew!

Santa was in town!!! Christmas in July! It definitely helps keep the kids in line - LOL!  

The puzzlers...Mom and two sisters...

Saw a beautiful rainbow while we were in town...my iPhone did not do it justice!

Just a couple of my adorable nieces!!!! Love these girls to death!

Sunset at the beach...

Some more nieces...

And more...

Mom and sisters! This is a selfie of our morning walking/jogging crew! We got up at 6AM and walked every morning! Notice all the boys slept in everyday - HA!

We let the kids spend the day at the Wetlands. It is a wildlife conservation group to conserves the turtles and other sea creatures in the wetlands of Stone Harbor.

Little time at the beach! Just kidding! When I go to the beach with these people we spend ALL DAY EVERYDAY on the beach!

My sister and my niece...

Time to go home already! We re-connected with a family that we grew up around. The is my parents and myself and Mrs. Smith and her daughter and son-in-law. I grew up hanging out everyday with this girl!  Such fun to re-connect!

Ininin Jbjbkb                      


  1. ahhh so jealous! Looks like a great vacation!

    1. It really was Julie! And much needed!!! LOL!

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    1. Hi Regine!!! I am now a follower!!! I would love it if you follow me back at
      Nice to meet you and thanks for stopping by and commenting!


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