Monday, October 26, 2015

Men Suck AGAIN

I am REALLY bummed to be writing this but the proverbial "writing on the wall" has been there and I am finally cutting my loses and running. One Sunday I broke up with the recent guy...we made about ten months and I am truly sad and heartbroken!

There are a few "deal breakers" for me in relationships (I have had a list for years of what I will not tolerate in a relationship since being in recovery) and let's just say one or two of these came into play.

This really pains me as I am truly in love with this man and he was, I thought, everything I was waiting for in a guy.
I know I will be okay...time heals all wounds, but I am sure I will be sad for a while...
Anyone else unlucky in love?!?! we go again...
Internet hugs welcome!
Happy Monday all! 


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