Thursday, October 15, 2015

Long Time...No Update

I cannot believe how fast time has flow this year already! I just realized that I have not posted in over a month!


I have been keeping up with all of your blogs just not my own - LOL!!! I am getting older and time is spinning ahead so fast!

Last month (September) was a whirlwind of activities and it was crazy both in my personal life and my business life! I am going to give you a high level overview of the past few weeks in pictures to very quickly catch you up.  I am also promising that I will not go MIA like that anytime soon.

It really just got crazy busy and I could not keep up! I am not complaining believe me...I enjoy being busy but September was just CRAZZZZZYYYYYY!

Here we go!!!.....

First part of September...I had to put one of my older cats to sleep and her brother was getting lonely being home alone so I got him some friends!  Meet Nermal and Trouble. As you can see, they are already great friends and Kidrock likes them too! I am head over heals in love with them both!

Sept 5th weekend was my adorable boyfriends birthday! It was his 60th so I planned a party with his sisters family, his brother and his kids at his favorite place...the bowling alley. We rented a few lanes and had cake and pizza! The owners at AMF Mt. Lebanon Lanes were terrific with helping me plan and I highly recommend them if you are looking to plan a bowling party for adults or kids in the South Hills of PA!  I think he had a great time?! This is him blowing out his candles...

And the obligatory picture of the cake...

Then after the party I spent the rest of the weekend and Monday (Labor Day) at my parents house at Lake Mohawk. We all enjoyed a final weekend of boating, skiing, tubing and relaxing before fall and winter set in here in PA! This is two of my nephews tubing together...

And two of my nieces...

My Mom's birthday is the September 8th and my sister-in-laws is the 7th so we also celebrated their birthdays over the holiday weekend! Mommy is on the left and Sara on the right below...

The next weekend, the boyfriend and I left for New Smyrna Beach, FL. It is his favorite vacation spot and he wanted to take me there to enjoy it so we planned about ten days together for a trip! We came close to killing each other a few times but we made it through (just kidding...well, kind of). It is a long time to spend with someone...LOL! This is a view from our patio in the condo we rented.

And a view down the beach...what a great place to run!! Flat flat flat flat flat!!! I am used to hills in PA so this was heavenly!!!

I had a girls night out planned for the week we got home and spent the evening with these lovely ladies at Painting with a Twist.  It also allowed me to add to my Fall artwork collection :-)  HA!

The next weekend in September was the Great Race in Pittsburgh. My sisters, mother and I run this together every year. We LOVE it! Here is the starting line...

Every year the Eat N Park cookie is at the top of the longest hill (about a mile before the end of the race) and I stop to get a picture every year!!! YEA! My sister on the right was also happy to oblige me when I requested stopping! Thanks Susie!

That same weekend every member of my direct family came into town. All my siblings, their spouses and kids and my parents. My parents celebrated 50 years of marriage on Sept 18th and we wanted to make sure we had pictures and a family party to mark the occasion. We had a family dinner at Benihana! Here they are with all of their grand kids!!

And the whole family!!!!!!!! I love this picture! No one is missing!! We also celebrated my Dad's birthday this weekend and I did not get a picture of the cake prior to consumption!

The final weekend of September I had Jackson's Mill weekend! I go three times a year and meet up with all my Friends of Bill and it is truly my refresh weekend!!! I love these two people below with all my heart!!! They are two of my very best buddies on the planet!

And the theme for the weekend...says it all!!

And finally, last weekend was the Halloween work charity party! We do this ever year for Variety Charity and it gets better each year!

Here is the pumpkin I was Lego themed and I got the idea from Pinterest!!!

Here is a shot of one section of the decorations...

Another area of the building we decorated...

And finally, our costumes! I made these from ideas from Pinterest and they turned out perfect! On the left was Gail the Construction Worker (Kathy from work) and on the right was me in my Swamp Thing lego costume.

What a great month!!! As you can see, I had JUST a little activity going on but I promise to keep you posted along the way from this point forward and not save it up a month at a time! LOL!

I hope you all had as much fun as me. Hopefully there will be much more to come with the whirlwind of the holidays around the corner! 

Happy Fall yinz all!!!

How was your September? Ever get too busy to blog, I would live to hear about what you did to budget you time?!

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  1. OMG, those are great!! You did a fantastic job and they are so fun and unique compared to what I saw the average person wearing. Great job!


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