Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Want Hair That Moves!?

I have been an Influenster since 2012! I love every second of it! If you do now know what that is - go here and sign up! You can use my referral code HERE! You will love being a part of it!!!

One of the perks is getting to evaluate products for companies! Last week I received this little doozy in my mailbox...I am one lucky girl! 

SCORE: I think I have found my new daily hair care products!

I have to disclose that I received these products complimentary for testing purposes. My opinion of them is my own...they are AWESOME! I have long considered my hair my best asset. It is thick and very manageable so I have definitely been blessed in the hair area - but these products take my hair OVER THE TOP! Seriously! I love them all! 

I received the Youth Renewal line due to the fact that at 47 I am aging and need renewal. Ha!  It came with the three items pictured below; the shampoo, conditioner and the elixir.

I was excited to try the shampoo and conditioner because, up to now, I have no loyalty to any brand...I just of kind of felt like "they are all the same". As soon as I used it the first time I knew I was hooked! They smell amazing and create this really thick later that feels amazing when you scrub your scalp! AHHHHHHH...so great! The conditioner leaves my hair silky feeling but also feels completely rinsed out with no residue (if you know what I mean). They were awesome and I will be buying them from now on!

The elixir is another story! I was not too keen on trying it. I use Frizz Ease and it is my go to product for manageability of my frizzy hair. I first tried the elixir with the Frizz Ease and my hair looked good. Still them same frizz manageability as before so I decided to try the elixir alone. It was still awesome...maybe even more awesome! I love it so much-my hair is so shiny without even using shine spray! Also, the movement and bounce in my hair now is amazing! I feel like a hair model!! The shampoo, conditioner and elixir are all over the top amazing in my book!!!

Here is the finished product...do not mind the corny look on my face!

Seriously, can you tell from the smile, I love all of these new products and they are now a MUST HAVE for my daily routine?!! Do yourself a favor and go check out the new Nexxus Line of hair care products! I promise you will totally love them!! #hairthatmoves

 Happy Tuesday all!

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