Friday, October 30, 2015

My Five!!

 I am joining in on all of the Friday Favorite blog roundups!!! This is an easy one for me today! My favorite 5 are these adorable children in Ohio! These are my nieces and nephews from Ohio (there are three more in PA) and I am spending the weekend with them! They are definitely a great cure for a broken heart! We trick or treated last night and here is a group shot!

I will be going to school for lunches with each one of them today! I am so excited to be each ones lunch buddy!!!

Tomorrow is the big family ziplining excursion! I will be posting an update and pictures!

Thanks to everyone for reaching out and offering words of encouragement! It really has been so sweet of each one of you! I am still hanging in and trudging on!

I hope everyone out there in blog land has an amazing weekend!!!


  1. enjoy your weekend, please smile.

    1. Thanks Denise! Your comment made me smile! The weekend was good...hope yours was as well.


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