Thursday, June 11, 2015

Thinking out Loud

I have decided to link up with a fun Thursday post by Running With Spoons called Thursdays are for...Thinking out Loud!  I am really good at random trains of thought so this should be one amazing post - Choo Choo!

It is Thursday and it has been a long week! My baby leaves tonight for the beach in Florida and I can't go! He has a house down there and has not been able to escape and get down there for a few months now. Things are slowing down in him company and are under control so he is finally able to get away from work long enough to head down. He leaves tonight and won't be back until the end of next week :-(
It is going to be above 90 degrees everyday that he is there...and he has a pool you can't see in this picture...yes, I am totally jealous and totally wish I could retire and go there!!!

I only have a little vacation left for the year so I am saving about five days to head down with him later in the year! Hopefully when it is snowing here in Pittsburgh! Cute house isn't it?!?! I have not seen it in person yet :-(

This weekend I will be spending quality time with my family - I can not wait!!!! 

Also, over the next two weeks I have THREE concerts at THREE different venues in and around my awesome city of Pittsburgh!!! YES-You heard me right! Lucky girl, right? Can life be any better?!??! Noper!!!!!  I think not!!!

Sunday night I have a concert with work friends! We are going to see The Steve Miller Band at the Highmark Stadium!

Then my baby is actually coming home next week in time for a concert that we have tickets for...

We will be seeing the amazing Rolling Stones in Pittsburgh next weekend at Heinz Field (the stadium that the Steelers play in)!!!

And then, as if that is not enough, we have tickets to go see my ULTIMATE FAVORITE PERFORMER EVER - KIDROCK at the First Niagra Pavilion! We have tickets 10 rows back and I am truly psyched!! I can hardly wait! 

I just hope my boyfriend still wants to be my boyfriend after he sees me in action at Kidrock! I tend to get a little out of control! LOL!!! I just love him (I guess I should say boyfriend and Kidrock...HA)!!!

So I guess that truly is as random as it gets! I have a weekend with my family and then a bunch of ear shattering concerts lined up so I foresee a little hearing loss in my future!

Hope you all have an amazing Thursday and I cant wait to link up and read everyone else's random thoughts today - and maybe make some new friends...YEA!!

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  1. Sounds like a fun weekend and woohoo all those concerts!


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