Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Pittsburgh's Best Restaurants Party

Anyone who knows me knows I love my city! This is just one of the many reasons why!!! Pittsburgh has so many amazing and inventive restaurants and chefs - it truly is an awesome place to dine!

Every year my friend Jenna and I attend the Pittsburgh's Best Restaurants Party! This is put on by the Pittsburgh Magazine and readers are the ones that vote for the best! It ends up being tables upon tables of all of the amazing food that is available in and around the city all in one place!

The winning vendors are asked to select two dishes to sample for the public and tickets are sold to raise money for charity. The tables are set up around Heinz Field and you just go from table to table and taste the amazing cuisine of each restaurant! So Yummy!!!!!

There is VIP time from 5 - 6 and then the public time for 6 - 8. We always purchase VIP! They are a bit pricey but it is so worth it!   There are FAR less people and no waiting at all in lines for food. It is casual and fun and (did I say) yummy?!?!? We had sampled everything and were headed home by 6:15PM!

This was my favorite dessert this year! It is a new restaurant that I do not even think is open yet called Station! They had their signature dessert to sample last night and it was a caramel sea salt pudding - AMAZING! Seriously so amazing I went back twice!

And this is by far the best food in my opinion! It was Braddock's and they served an amazing bite of heaven! I wish I had a picture of the food - so amazing!

This is our selfie! I hardly took any pictures this year as I wanted to concentrate on the food and now I feel like I totally jipped you guys. Sorry - I will do better next year!

I got this little pie from Wild Rosemary and was planning on eating it as my late night snack but regretfully, due to my horrible driving skills, it never made it home clean enough to eat :-( 
Little side note: this is NOT an endorsement for Wild Rosemary Restaurant. I have heard that there is a long wait to get a table there - like weeks in advance. Both years we tried their food, this year and last, I was not impressed AT ALL so I will not be paying to eat there anytime soon....but the pie looked good.

I'm interested to hear feedback from you all!

Are you willing to pay more for something VIP? Do you go to the charitable functions in your hometowns?

 Happy Tuesday! Hope you all are having an amazing week!

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