Wednesday, June 10, 2015

May StrideBox

The May Stridebox did not disappoint! It is now time for June and I realized that I never posted my review for May...oh, well! Here we go friends!!

Here is the list of what we included in this months box of JOY!

 I cannot wait to try this! I thought I was going to need this after my 5K last week as I was sore before the run but I held off - saving it for a more painful finish!!! HA HA

Tried this the morning after I opened my box! It was not good or bad. I could not taste a difference in my coffee and I did not notice more energy buy it may work - just not sure :-)

These babies were DELISH! Ate these on a training run last week! Chewed up very easily and slid right down - yummo! Flavor was outta sight!

I will try these at a later date also!

Ate this and a salad for lunch one day! Kept me full all afternoon - very yummy!

Cannot wait to try this on a training run soon - have not yet because citrus is not a big favorite of mine and I have other options right now - ha ha!

I am completely in LOVE with this ball! It is fantastic for rolling around my sore feet under my desk at work! Perfect and portable!! Yea!

And, as always, an awesome sticker!!!! I really need somewhere to stick these - best motto's ever!

I hope you all have an amazing Hump Day!!!

Does anyone love subscription boxes?
Which ones do you get and which are your favorites?
I am ALWAYS looking to order new ones!!!

Thanks for stopping by yinz!!!!

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