Thursday, June 11, 2015

Date Night Laughter

I love a good date night with my honey!

Last night we decided to try something new and went to dinner and a comedy club here in Pittsburgh!

We live in the suburbs so it is a treat to spend the evening in town - I forgot how amazingly beautiful our city is at night too!!! I did not take a picture as I was trying to enjoy every moment with my man and he is not a "Facebook-ey kind of guy" but I pulled this amazing example from Flickr!

We spent the evening in a place that is refereed to as the Riverfront. It used to be a bunch of abandoned Steel Mills on the river and the whole area has been transformed into a shopping, dining and hanging out mecca!! There is also a trail you can run, walk or bike along the river!  Seriously, if you are ever near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania you need to check this place out! (Again, not my picture but a good representation of what the shopping area looks like).

We went to dinner at Mitchell's Fish Market! It was amazing as always!!! I had fresh cod and he had the filet with crab meat on top.

Then we ventured across the street to the Improv! We saw a local comedian from Pittsburgh that now lives in Austin, TX named Danny Palumbo and it was a really fun night!

We actually can't wait to go back again!

Have you ever been to a comedy show? Did you like it?

What did you do for your last date night? I am always looking for new ideas for date night!

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