Monday, June 1, 2015

What a Great Weekend!

This is going to be a post in pictures... This was my Holiday weekend!!

Went for a little run outside - love the current weather here in Pittsburgh!!

Worked in the BF's yard ...

Chilled with the BF in the breezeway!!!

Watched the grape vines grow - cant wait for those concord grapes!!!!

Went up to my parents house on the lake! Spent the weekend kayaking, boating, jet-skiing, and fishing with my adorable nieces and nephews and the rest of the family!

Gathering the worms for fishing!!!!...

A little campfire action!!!!

Our little Diva hooking her own worm!!!!!!

 Waiting for the fish to bite...

Paddling and steering the kayak for the first time

Cleaning the driveway after the kids did pop caps...

 A little selfie with one of my cute nieces

The beautiful lake!

I hope you all had an amazing holiday weekend!!! Get ready for this one!!!! Yea it's Friday!

Happy weekend everyone!

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