Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Winter Blows-literally!

Yes, this is happening in Pittsburgh! I am over Winter!! It blows, literally! This picture is from Saturday but it looks just the same today! Yucky cold and slippy roads. Done with Winter! All of you that live in warmer climates, congrats! I like Winter for about the first three days...build a snowman, throw a snowball and go sledding once and then I am over it! My boyfriend is in Florida...he went for one week and had to extend it when the project took longer than he expected. I am starting to think that it was delayed on purpose! LOL!!!!

Another shot when I was stuck in dead stopped traffic!!!

And this is the temperature in Pittsburgh lately...

And as soon as I saw -1 and said that sucked....it got worse!!! LOL!!!

This is a picture my boyfriend sent...nice of him, hugh??? LOL! What a difference in climates where we are! At this point I would much rather be where he is!!!

Happy Tuesday yinz! I am working hard to stay positive and grateful but it is so very hard with this weather!! 

What is your weather? If you lived with snow and moved, do you miss it at all!?

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