Monday, February 16, 2015

Pittsburgh International Car Show

On Friday I got tickets from my sweetie to go to the Pittsburgh International Car Show at the David Lawrence Convention Center. I was so bummed when I found out he would be out of town and we could not go but I decided to use the tickets and go with a girlfriend from work instead. We had such a great time!!!
This is us in the balloon car at the entrance! HA HA! I am on the left (tanning is definitely working - ha) and Kathy is on the right.

I am looking to buy a new car in the Spring or Summer and I fell totally in love with this car and this color! I was not sure at first but I love it now!! It is a Honda Civic SI and the color is amazing!!!!!!!! I have a Civic now and I love it but this baby is amazing!

Here is another angle - it is sooo cute! And big motor and stick shift which is exactly what I want!!!

Look at this beauty! We just stared in awe at this car!! Beautiful Lotus!!!!!!!!

Look at this beauty! We just stared in awe at this car!! Beautiful Lotus!!!!!!!!  A picture can NOT do this car justice!

And another beauty I could NEVER afford!! This is the new Corvette!! Beautiful and the color is amazing in person!

After the festivities we made our way to a bar near the Convention Center and had a great dinner! We both got salads and they were delish! We also met a great couple that were so much fun to chat with at the bar too!! Bonus of the night - more nice, friendly people in Pittsburgh!!! I LOVE MY TOWN!

Happy Monday yinz!!!!!!!

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