Friday, February 13, 2015

Just Don't Think About It

Happy Friday the 13th everyone!

I hope everyone has a great Valentines weekend planned or at least that you all are happy that it is FRIDAY!!!

I have cram-packed my weekend full of activities so that I do not dwell on the fact that I am alone AGAIN on Valentines Day! You may be confused by that since I am still dating that amazing guy so let me catch you up!

He has a property in Florida and he needed to go down to supervise the installation of sod and landscaping for a few days. Those few days just happen to overlap Valentines Day :-(

I know!!! Bummer, right? I totally get him having to go and take care of things; I just feel the need to whine about it a little - not to him of course - you guys are the lucky ones!!! HA!!!

Anyway, I know he will make it up to me but I HATE always being alone on Valentines.

So, the plan is as follows.....

Friday night - attend the Pittsburgh International Car Show with my friend from work (thanks to my darling for the tickets as we were going to go together until he had to fly out)
Saturday early AM - meet Carson for coffee and catch-up chat
Saturday AM - meet Laura and Terra for a day of shopping and lunch (we love Kohl's)
Saturday night - meeting and bowling with Kerry and Robert (and anyone else form the meeting that wants to join us)
Sunday early AM - spin at LAFitness
Sunday night - BodyPump and Zumba with Brooke and Jess
Then it's time to get back to work on Monday...

He does not know when he is going to be done and able to return but it is looking like next Thursday at the earliest! Bummer! Oh well, he deserves to enjoy himself in Florida - he works very hard all year!!

The good thing is that with all those activities planned I should actually have some content-filled posts for next week! HA HA

I will leave you with this lovely e-card.....LOL!!!

Happy Valentines Day!!!!!

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