Thursday, February 12, 2015

Stridebox February

As many of you already know I look forward to getting my Stridebox every month! It is always chock full of awesome things for runners and exercisers! If you do not know about this and you are a runner then you are missing out...if you just keep yourself in shape but don't run, then you are ALSO missing out! It is GREAT every month!!!

Here is this months box for February!

It gives you a breakdown of all the products contained in your box that month, where to buy them and the cost and also if it should be used before/during/after your workout.

This box was amazing!!!!! I ate this for lunch yesterday and I am now HOOKED!!! So yummy!!!!!!! I love the name too - cookie doughpness!!!

 Next is this gem...I used this in my water for the gym and it was ok...not nearly as much flavor as a regular Nuun and almost salty tasting? I love the regular Nuun and used it for Marathon and Half-Marathon training but this tasted kinda strange to me - but to the added caffeine I say YES!!

 This is a hot this would be awesome after a cold, long weekend run. I think I will be testing this over the weekend here in is supposed to be getting pretty cold so I will keep you posted!

Also waiting to try this on my next long training run...

My favorite, by far, are these awesome gloves!!!! Every box has some really great gadget in it (head scarf, blinking lights, reflective gear).  I was so excited to see gloves!!! They are electronic friendly! You can work your iPhone with them one!! SERIOUSLY AWESOME!

And this gem. I decided this was dinner last night before I left to do Zumba and BodyPump and it was awesomeSAUCE!!!  I loved it!!! It helps that I love and live off of coffee but this tasted great and I did not get hungry at all during classes last night!!!

Here it is in my little VitaBullet with some water and ice...

And the finished product! Yummo...seriously LOVED the taste!!

So that's the recap of my February loot!!! It is so much stuff sent every month for $'s like a healthy little present to myself every month!!  If you are interested go here!!!!

Honestly it is ALWAYS great stuff to try and I love it more every month!!!!



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