Friday, January 3, 2014

5 on Friday

Hi yinz~~~

Time for Five on Friday!!!

Today I am going to give you my top five MUST HAVES in life!!!

One: Body Media - I have owned this gadget about 11 months now and it stays on everyday and night except to charge it.  It tells me how much I sleep and exercise and how active I am throughout the day and I track all my food intake through a program that is used with it. Well, recently it has slowly broked as you can see. It is under a year warranty and I called the company expecting a total runaround and pain in the neck time trying to get it fixed.  They had AMAZING customer support!!! They emailed me a form to print out - had me send the old one back (on my dollar but it was only $4 total) and they are shipping me a WHOLE NEW BODY MEDIA!!!! What gives!?!?!??!?! AWESOME!!! I am sooo excited!!! Thank you Body Media for keeping customer satisfaction at the top of your list!

TwoiPhone - I just love my phone!! I never thought I would be someone to say this but I use my phone for EVERYTHING!! Tracking my calories, mapping my runs, photos of loved ones, and time killing games!!!! Seriously, I left it at home one day and actually left work to go home and get it after about and hour because it was making me crazy that I did not have it!! HA!

Three:  Coffee - I LOVE LOVE LOVE coffee!!!! I do not drink, do not smoke and do not do any other drugs (except caffeine)...I cannot quit this!  I am not a snob that HAS to have Starbucks...I like any and all coffee! I have never met a coffee I did not like - from Kirkland's, to Starbucks to Folgers...I do not care - give me coffee pleasssssssse!!!!

Four:  Buxom - This is the most amazing lip gloss on the planet!!!! I have about three full size tubes and my friend just gave me a six pack for Christmas!!! I am officially obsessed!!! It tingles on your lips and it is so thick and lasts forever - if you have not tried it you should! Promise - you will love it!!!

Five: NutriBullet - My sister got me this for Christmas and I love it!!! I have been eating a shake for breakfast every is the variety I do each day.  Kale, Spinach, Carrots, Hemp seeds, Flax seeds, chia seeds, and goji berries always. Then 1/2 cup of any two of the following fruits (frozen pomegranate, mango, peach, berries, cherry, and pineapple). They are awesome!!!! 

Here is the pre-mixed...

And post-mixed...YUM!!!

 Thanks for hosting and allowing me to link up with the party!!!!  

Happy Friday yinz!!!!


  1. Ooooh, you've really got me intrigued with those lip glosses - I want to pick up a tube for myself now!

    Thanks for linking up with us :)

  2. You are such a ball of positivity, I love it!

  3. I am right there with ya on iphone and coffee! Now I wanna go pour another mug! xx

  4. Yes coffee is my drug. Ok and alcohol but not like alcoholic style. Ok that aside I got a bag of Starbucks on clearance for $2.00, yeah 2 bucks! Is that not awesome? Ok love everything on here baby doll and cannot wait to try your power shake smoothie yummy goodness thingy. <3 Happy weekending!


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