Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Typical Marathon Training Day

As many of you know I am training for my first marathon which will be May 4th in Pittsburgh, PA.  I ran and completed the half last year and I cannot wait to run this and finish this summer!!! Training is going really well so far...each run gets easier and easier for now...soon when I get into the 10 and 15 mile runs I will not be saying this! HA

But so far so good and my Week 3 Day 1 run (not checked off yet) yesterday felt really good and easy so I am a happy girl right now.

I love my runs but I do not want to miss out on my fun classes (fav instructors) at the gym so I am trying a pretty crazy routine right now with packed full days.

Here it is right now for yesterday...

start work at 6AM, leave at 2PM
straight to gym for training run from work
chiropractor at 4PM
Zumba 5:30
BodyPump 6:30
Cardio HipHop 7:30

Thank Goodness today is an off day - no training at all!! My schedule is the same for Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday with the runs and three classes. I take off on Tuesday and Friday from all exercise and Sunday is three fun classes only and no runs. Pretty jam packed! I hope to keep it up until the runs get too long and I cannot do it any longer.

Here is a snapshot of my BodyMedia for the day...major calories burned, major steps completed but, as you can see below, I really need to work on the sleep thing!!!

It is issues at work that are keeping me up at night and they really need resolved or I need to leave - this is getting ridiculous...currently praying for guidance in that area of my life! Any prayers are also welcome!!!

Love to all my bloggy friends!~


  1. You've got this! The 15-16 will seem bad at first, but it will only be because of what your head is telling you, but YOU HAVE this!!


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