Wednesday, January 8, 2014


The Hump Day Blog Hop

Not even sure what to say today so I decided to participate in The Hump Day Blog Hop!

Yesterday sucked!!!

From work to personal to food to diet, etc.

I know - and yes - it was as bad as I made it sound.

Was sent an email accidentally (negativity about myself) which only made it all the better. Seriously, I did not even know that there are adults that behave like that!!!!!

I did great drinking my shake for breakfast but food went down hill from there ALL DAY~snuck a donut at work and then had pizza with co-workers for lunch and then had a hotdog and fries for dinner...BAD BAD BAD!

Plus, NO WORKOUT! I went out near Clarion to a viewing for a friend of mines son that passed away.  The whole drive home I thought about how I don't have kids and everyone else does...weird I know...but I was in this whole pity party funk for hours!!!!!!

So, never again!! Eating ON PLAN!!! From here on out and feeling better about myself already!!!! No matter what those peons at work think or say about me - I ROCK!!!!!!


  1. hi love. We are so happy to have you. I too had a bad day yesterday with food. but guess what, today is a brand new day. Let's make it count, and yes - you do rock!!!

  2. Boo. My friend Dana had a TERRIBLE day too, was there something in the air!? I hope today was better. (and yes, people ARE that stupid :))


  3. I had a horrible day the other day too. Ugly cry at work and all. ((hugs))


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