Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Stridebox January

 I know I have mentioned this before but Stridebox is my favorite all time sub box!! If you run or workout you seriously need to check this out! Eery month I am blown away with how much stuff they fit in this small box for $12!!!

Here is the January box...

Little guide to all the products included....tells regular retail price and link to purchase should you choose to do so.

Pretty wrapper~~~~Happy New Year!

Cute little sticker!!!!

Pamphlet on how to run smarter...

ShowerPill body wipe...this will come in handy some day soon I am sure!!!

A sport drink mix...add to water bottle...

Another brand of sports drink mix...

A gel...this will come in handy on a long run soon - I am sure...I like that I can test all these before the marathon and see which works best for me...

Power gels...also perfect to test on a long run...

Chocolate is ALWAYS awesome!! Saving this for a long workout day!

PB Choc Chip Energy bar...looks yummy!!!

And finally this reflective these little reflective things they throw in each box (last month was a blinky light for your finger and the month before was reflective laces for your tennies!)

Today is Week ONE - Day THREE of marathon training which is a 5 mile run. I brought my gym bag to work today so I can stop at gym for the run on the way home. I am working from 6AM to 2PM then over to LAFitness to run at gym on a treadmill...home by 5PM.  Eat dinner and off to Body Pump at 6:30 and Zumba at 7:30...Long day but soooooooooo worth it!!!!!!!!!

Happy hump day to you all!!!

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  1. You were holding out on me! I didn't know about this!!! I want to subscribe now.


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