Monday, May 23, 2011

Sick Baby Boy

Here is a quick video of the five baby bluebirds...I will not check on them anymore as they are ready to fledge soon and I will be cleaning out the nest within two weeks or so and getting it ready for the next batch :-) yippee!!!!!!! I stopped by on Saturday to tell them to have safe and happy lives!!! Here are my first five babies ready to soon head out and make their own families!!!

My sweet little boy Kidrock has been sick and we made our way to the vet today for a little checkup and medicine...he HATED it!!! He flatened himself out like a pancake and laid on the metal table with his little head down...they gave him two x-rays, 2 shots, catlax, and fluid IV's! $300 later and it looks like he is feeling better this am before I left for work-yippee!!!!!!! Here he is at the vet....LOL

And finally, this is my workout summary from class last night - the instructor is Leslie and she has a KILLER spin class...522 calories and 23.5 miles!!! NICE!!!


Happy Tuesday all!!!!!!

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  1. Awww how's your kitty feeling now? I just spent $400 to get my cat sewn up again. I swear we've had his neck sewn up 3 times now. I wish I could get him to stay in the house.

    Those birds are so cute!


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