Thursday, May 5, 2011

Stay away snakes!!!!!!!!!!!

We had a Be Well challenge at work and just for finding out your helathy numbers (ie: cholesterol, weight, etc.) you got a gift card. I selected mine for Target and just found the best use for it!!!
It has been horribly yucky and rainy and I am part of the Wildlife Sustainability Team at work. With this membership I am assigned a pair of bluebird boxes that I have to watch and report on. They are in the middle of a large field at work and here is my new purchase from Target....

Yeah!!! Purple rain boots - and soooooo cute!!! It was actually a little sunny today in Pgh (as you can see by our green green, grass we have gotten a lot of rain-LOL) so I wore them out to the center of the field to check my boxes and what did I find.....
Box 8C-1
NOTHING!! EMPTY then....

Box 8C-2
YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!!! A nest and inside......

Here are the eggs..........soon to be five adorable baby bluebirds!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope!!!!


Last year I had a different set of boxes and everytime I had eggs they would be eaten by a snake the next day...gone with nothing left but an empty nest-I hope to report happier endings this year with the new location)

Enough said on that - I will keep you posted!!!

Also, I was taking the day off from the gym yesterday but mom and I went shopping and dinner and she headed home by 5:30 so I had the rest of the night free....

Where did I end up???

You guessed it...spinning......

Here is my results - this teacher felt easier than the last and when it was over I was about 8 miles shorter than the last class....oh well, still great workout!!

And, now tonight will be my night off!!!

Have a great rest of the day and next post will be FRIDAY!!!!!!!!

Another yippee!!!

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  1. I keep getting sent out in the field too. I think I might need some rubber boots soon!

    The bluebird eggs are so pretty!


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