Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hottie's 12!

My nephew Matthew Daniel ---AKA Hottie or "little Matt" is an amazing little man!!

Today is his 12th birthday!!!

He was my very first nephew and he is such a great kid!

He is an awesome athlete and is great at sooo many sports and our family could not be prouder!!

He does great in school and LOVES bacon and ice cream - so much that I think he could exist only be eating bacon and ice cream!!

I love him with all my heart and hope he has a birthday to remember!!

Happy 12th birthday my sweet nephew Matthew!!!!

XO XO XO XO Aunt Annie loves you bunches!!

Here is the sweet little guy with his sisters a few years ago!!!

A just last year with his very first cousin Kyleigh (well, his head at least!)

Pitching a game...his first love!

Kissing a stingray?!?!?

Sporting the team colors....go Penn State....

And, his very first buck (makes me a little sad but his daddy's family are big hunters and he was sooooooooo excited and proud and the meat was donated to a shelter)...
And, last but not least, him with his sisters last Christmas!

I love you Matthew Daniel!!!! Happy 12th birthday!

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