Memorial Day Weekend-Pt.1

This is a recap of my fun, Memorial Day weekend spent with family-Part One!
Saturday I got to Memaw and Poppys (my Mom and Dad) and my little sister and her family also came up.
Saturday we opened a few presents from Memaw and Poppy (Ryan, Ali and I).
I got a new suitcase - I did not take a picture but thanks Mom and Dad!!! I love it and it will come in handy for all my up coming traveling for work!!! Yippee!!!

Here is Ryan with his new toy story dominos - he was soooooooo excited! His mommy is hiding-LOL!!

And Ali with her littlest pet shop Lemonade Stand

And Kyleigh and Ali with Ali's gifts - LOL!!!

It was Malvern's homecoming so they had a little fair at the park by Mom and Dad's house. This is Kyleigh on the Gator ride at Malvern Homecoming!!! Love a good fair!!!

Another shot on the Gator -the other two kids were too scared to ride the Gator so cudos to Kyleigh!

This is Kyleigh and I on the Parachute ride! I could not believe she was riding it with me!! And she loved it!!!

A little wave hello from our car!!!

Here is a closeup of Kyleigh on the Gator

Here are all three on the "everyones favorite ride" Merry Go Round...


Here is Steve and Ryan in the teacups - this ride is a PASS for Aunt Annie! Circles and I do not get along!

Ali spent a lot of time at Homecoming like this... she was having a rough afternoon due to all the LOUD rides...

Another family favorite - we got an elephant ear and a funnel cake to share and EVERYONE enjoyed those!! This is Kyleigh enjoying her funnel cake!! Thanks Steve!

Poppy and Ali - bummer it is so dark...cute picture!!

Ali and Ryan on the Merry Go Round

Kyleigh on the Merry Go Round

Ali not so sure about riding...LOL

Memaw getting the campfire ready...

Ali waiting on the campfire...

Ryan and Kyleigh...

The troops at the campfire...

Thank you to all those who have or are serving our country! From my family to you, a HUGE debt of gratitude for keeping us free and protected! Thanks to all of you and yours!!!

Part two to follow...


  1. Looks like a fun day! I can't do circles AND most roller coasters either now. Sucks getting older!!


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