Friday, May 14, 2010

Tweaked the Plan...

Happy Friday Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!

So...Anyone who knows me has heard of my struggle over the past few years to finally lose A LOT of extra weight!!

All together I am down a lot (over one hundred pounds) and until the past year or so doing really well.

Over the past year I have struggled a lot- maintained a lot - and gained just a little ....but it has been a yo yo between 10 lbs up and 10 lbds down. I just was not serious about it anymore - got comfortable with less than my best effort!

I have to write this post to solidify it to me - my issue has SOLEY been eating at night!

This past week I started a weight watching "contest" with two close friends (Donna and Colleen)...we are weighing in on Mondays and at the end of each month whichever one of us loses the most that month gets a paid lunch out from the other two. I fingured this would finally get me serious again about losing!!!!!!
I ALWAYS exercise every day and this week since it is the start of this new "contest" and since work has been crazy I have not gone to the gym even one day and I am losing on average a little under a pound a day!!!!!!!! So, here is what I learned...

1. apparently I eat alot at night after 6PM. I am not eating anything after 6PM now and every night this week I am constantly getting up and heading to the kitchen for a little snack - then I catch myself and go sit down. I never realized how one handfuls of almonds, an apple, a skinny cow, a bite of cheese, a bite of Walt's icecream, a gummy worm, a little of this or that, etc. all adds up - each one is little and meaningless calorie wise but after ten trips of that - IT ADDS UP!!! I just never couted those points or paid attention to those calories lately until now - so my issue all along has been the night snacking - WOW!!!!!!! LIGHT BULB GETS BRIGHT!!!!!!

So that is the answer to my Plateau and I must say that every evening is a struggle!!! I keep telling myself I am not hungry and drinking tea and water all night but it is HARD!!!!!!! It is such a habit for me at night to pick in food that I am halfway to the kitchen when I realiaze that I am not allowed to eat anything - LOL!!!!

I just want to lose this weight for good and then maintain!!

I will keep you posted on my progress....I am just sooooo happy to have made this realization and now finally can lose the rest of this weight-if I can keep my mouth shut after 6PM


!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for listening~~~~~~~~

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  1. I eat a lot after 6 pm too. it does hold me back. Good job finding the problem and tweaking it!

    my wife swears by popcorn at night. usually about 9 pm she'll make a big bag and it takes a long time to eat, has very few calories, and fills you up.


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