Happy 17th Birthday Jordan!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday to my VERY FIRST NIECE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!
She was born on this day in 1993 and I love her sooooooooooooo much!!!!
She had to wear braces for her legs when she was born and I was soooo scared to hold her at first.
She puked on anyone that dared to hold her and give her a bottle - she literally just gushed after every bottle - it is a miracle that she kept any milk down!
She has always hated bugs, sports and animals and always loved anything girly and clothes!!!!
The only thing she wanted for her 6th birthday was satin sheets for her bed!!!!
She has grown into a beautiful, amazing, smart, talented, funny, and strong-willed young woman!
I LOVE YOU JORDAN ELIZABETH with all my heart and soul!!!!
Thanks for being an amazing niece that I am sooooooooooooooo proud to know and love!!!!!

Jordan with her little sister Jess...

Jordan holding her little sister!!!!!

My sister Kerry, Jordan and Jess

Jordan now!!!!!!!!!!!

and another...

and my ultimate favorite (she makes me sooooo proud)...


  1. Happy Birthday to Jordan! I have a niece and I absolutely love being an Aunt.

  2. WHAT is not to be proud of...wonderful family. I have one niece, and a herd of nephews! ALL great Peeps!

    Thanks for sharing yours.


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