Weekend, Happy Monday and Weigh-in!

YEAH! Happy Monday!!

Happy to report that this week I finally started losing again!! Yippee!!!!!!!!

Weight down 4.4 from last Monday! Yippee!!!

Again, I only worked out two days this week and just stopped eating anything after 6PM!!! What a difference though!

I found my issue and I am soooo happy!!! I guess it will be a few more weeks until the habit of eating at night is broken though.

I get up at least every other commercial to get a snack before I realize that I am not allowed to eat!!!! LOL!!!! Says it all, doesn't it!??!?!

Over the weekend my mother and I went to my Aunt Marti's house and helped her paint her kitchen and dining room. I turned out sooo well!!! I healped with the painting part which was easy - they spent many hours without me stripping the wallpaper (just to be fair about the distribution of work - HA) They made me promise no photos of them so I have included only photos of the painting! LOL!!!! She used a Sherwin Williams color my sister has in her house call "blonde" and it turned out soooooo well - I love it!

First a new photo of the bird box from work...now five eggs...hopefully in a few weeks, baby chicks!!!!!!!

Here is a partial "before"

Here is kitchen "before"

Here is kitchen "after"

Here is living room "after"

Here is a closeup of kitchen cupboards "after"

I hope everyone has an amazing, blessed and productive week!!!


  1. Love the color! Painting is fun when it isn't your place, isn't it!? Oh, and I want to see the chicks when they hatch!

  2. CONGRATS on the weight loss!!


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