Sooo happy it wasn't Russell

I just have to write this post!!!

I love Survivor and have been an avid fan since the first season!!

This season was great as I got to watch a lot of the most hated and most loved players come back again and battle it out in the Heroes vs Villians.
The final was great and I could not have hoped for a better season ending!!!

My only wish was that Russell did not win and sure enough - he DID NOT!!!!!!! Go Sandra!


Honestly, I could not care who won with the exception that I did not want to see Russell win and I am soooo happy that he did not.

I cannot explain why but his arrogance and nastiness is soooo awful (he reminds me of an evil little leprachan) I would have been ticked if he won!

Soooooooooo - yippee for Sandra and CONGRATS!!!!!!!!

Also, super excited to see Boston Rob and Amber have a new baby - sooooooo cute!!!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!


  1. Our family was at odds. My husband was rooting for Russel. My son and I were rooting for anyone but Russel. I would have really liked to have seen Rupert win. I am sorry he didn't listen to Sandra when he had the chance.

    Nice to meet you on the blog hop.


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