Happy Birthday to Me!!!!

42 years ago today my Mom had me!

What a great day for them!!!! (kidding)

They must have been thrilled!!!

Mom was the first to call and say "Happy Birthday" this AM

I love my family and my birthday!

Thanks Mom and Dad for makin' me! LOL!!!!!!!!!

To start the celebration early last night; I went out with my best girl friends for girls night out. Here are the pics...

This is where we went - based on many GREAT reviews of this place....it was amazing the selection of food and the quality of food - the sushi was AMAZING and they even had frog legs (none of us were bold enough to try them)

This is us on the way out - don't we look WELL FED!!!!!!!

And this is Teri. This is after dinner we went down to the waterfront in Pittsburgh and did a little browsing at the stores. Teri is hillarious - she is a new member on girls night - WE LOVE HER (you can see why) - she keeps us all entertained!!!! WAME!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! You share a birthday with my brother!

  2. Happy birthday!!!! Hope it continues to be a fabulous one!!!


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