Anger Management Anyone?!?!?!?

WOW!!! It has been an exciting and fun filled birthday week!!!

I had girls night out Monday and then Tuesday a planning meeting for three hours after work where everyone sang and then last night had dinner with my bestest buddy and sponsor and to hear an amazing friend lead!

What a week!!!

Also, on my way to the service meeting on Tuesday night I had an interesting interaction!

I was sitting at a light and traffic was HORRIFIC!!!

The minivan in front on me drove across the center lane and into the short turning lane up by the light....I followed. Just the very end of my car way over the turning lane for someone to turn behind me and there was noone anywhere near that lane.

Long story short - my windows were down and radio off enjoying the weather and I hear "excuse me lady?!" I turn around and say "yes...". The car next to and behind me in traffic was an older lady and she says "Do you know you drove across the middle of the road?" I say "yes, there were no cars coming". She started yelling profanities at me like "B" and "Ahole" and I was in total shock!!!!!! I told her I hope her day gets better and she flipped me off!!!!!! I have NEVER been flipped off by the elderly (elderly just an exaggeration in hopes if she reads this post she feels insulted - LOL!!!!)


Anyway, I rolled up my windows and when the light changed she flew past me at about 100 miles an hour - I was going to get the license picture and go to the police...I got behind and zoomed in and got this pic of her license (notice she is not even on the road driving)...and then when I stopped next to the at the next light she flipped me off again and I got a pic of that!!!!!!

I would have been late for my meeting if I would have stopped and shown the license to the cops so I did not!

I just hope her day or life gets better before she kills someone!!!!!

Oh well, there if a first for everything....old people DO FLIP people off!!!

HaHa - just trying to make her mad again if she is reading this!!!!!


  1. I think it's hilarious that you actually got a picture of her giving you the finger!! Someone forgot to take their mood regulators this morning!

  2. Yikes! There are some angry people out there. I hope she saw your camera and it made her nervous. :)


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